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My first love….Yupo!

I’ve always loved working on Yupo as a substrate and have recently returned to it as I work with inks again. Working with textures and colours to create backgrounds has been fun although I’ve been left with two paintings that I love as they are. So I’m putting them aside for a few days and I’ll revisit and add to them if necessary.

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Drawing is the new meditation 2

image Judging by the huge number of books and instructional videos available there are many people who are loving the joy of colouring again. Not just for children anymore, adult colouring books are hugely popular. Just a couple of years ago eveywhere I went people had their noses stuck in the hugely popular 50 Shades trilogy. Now any train journey or coffee shop is guaranteed to have someone colouring. I’ve always doodled on scraps of paper, while taking a call, at the bottom of homework but now am creating not only more structured drawings which is extremely relaxing and therapeutic but others are buying them to colour and create their own mini works of art. This is one of the first drawings I did and I had great fun. I guarantee you’ll feel more relaxed and less stressed. There are no rules; just draw and doodle and most of all HAVE FUN!

Available on Etsy 😜