Keeping it Simple

imageI'm a member of quite a few Facebook groups dedicated to alcohol ink artists and am so in awe of some of the art they produce. Most artists love the way the inks move and merge and react to each other to create fabulous abstract pieces, others paint to create simple pieces that are full of vibrant colours but others take it that step further to incorporate alcohol ink pens like Copic and Spectrum to create absolute masterpieces. Just google alcohol ink paintings or check out Pinterest and you'll see what I mean. I prefer to keep it simple although I have dabbled with pens too in creating more realistic paintings. When I actually find some time to do some larger realistic paintings I'll post them here. The beauty is when you are working small the painting and inks are very portable so you can work anywhere. As they dry so quickly you can always be creative during a quick break. Now it's cooler in Texas I can even work outside early in the morning or during my lunch break.
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Straws and inks

imageI love working with alcohol inks simply because they are so unpredictable and because you can get so many effects. One of the things I like to do is create abstract florals using just a straw, inks and a piece of Yupo. This is the same technique I use for creating flowers on coasters. It's such a simple process yet you get the most amazing effects. imageI start from the outside and work in towards the center. In this painting I decided to use a couple of different shades of green dropped ink near the edge and blew through the straw spreading the ink to the edges. imageOnce I've worked around the entire edge I'll move on and add coloured inks, sometimes layering a couple of colors If you want you can also use canned air, the sort you buy for a couple of dollars, to clean keyboards. Just make sure you have a few practice blasts first and watch those curtains😱 imageI will continue in a circular path until I reach the center and voila you have a beautiful abstract flower. Easy peasy !!!   image
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Poppy fields

My obsession with poppies continues. This painting was created when I couldn't decide what to do with a painting that was "too busy" and toned it down by outlining poppies with acrylic paints. I love the way it turned out ❤️ [caption id="attachment_1183" align="alignnone" width="3032"]image Inspired by Betty Krause, Flora Bowley and Tracy Verdugo $450 plus shipping[/caption]
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Latest works

I've been doing yet another thirty in thirty challenge and admit to cheating on some days. When I create a painting I usually put it away for a while or stare at it on my wall for a few days before determining if it's finished or not. Alcohol inks afford you the chance to add more inks or alcohol and change your painting or even start over. A couple of times in this challenge I've looked back at the paintings I created and decide to "up cycle" them. For example the pink floral in the selection below started as a pink and purple abstract but after a few days of looking at it (and running out of time to create my daily artwork) I took a straw and some Piùata Blanco Blanco ink and created flowers over the top. The inks are great because they absorb some of the colour from before and create delicately translucent petal effects. image
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IMG_0844Welcome to the website and blog of Dallas based British artist Maggie Golinski. Originally from the UK, Maggie Golinski has lived in Texas since 2007. She works primarily in alcohol inks, inks and acrylics as well as resin. She thinks of herself as an intuitive painter, hates a white canvas and loves the vibrancy of colours to be found in nature. Her love of colour means that her abstracts are bright and full of movement. The fast-changing weather of Texas provides the dramatic colourful skies which are the inspiration for her landscape art. Always colourful, often atmospheric and ever changing, cloud formations and the sky are the focal point in her vibrant, energy filled paintings.  Vibrant abstract florals and vivid multicoloured canvases dominate her portfolio. Maggie's art is available through the Art Studio of McKinney in Texas. However if you are not in the DFW area and would like to know more about any of her paintings or to commission a piece unique to you please feel ...
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From little acorns…

"From small beginnings come great things" Proverb [caption id="attachment_311" align="alignleft" width="300"]Miniature Florals 5*5 cm magnets Miniature Florals 5*5 cm magnets[/caption]

The second Saturday of each month Mckinney artists get to hang out in Downtown Mckinney on the square demonstrating their art and hopefully selling a few pieces. It's a great chance to see some fantastic artists at work and an opportunity for those visiting the square to watch art being created. I have some small alcohol ink paintings and prints, some packs of adult colouring sheets as well as some tiny tile magnets and necklaces which I'm hoping to sell. It may feel a little bike a craft store at my table but it's these small sales that allow me to  buy more canvases , paint and brushes to allow me to focus on some larger art works. Every sales means a lot to me and you never know one day I may actually stop being an impoverished artist who can concentrate on just painting. With that in mind tonight I've been working on some ...

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What are Alcohol Inks?

I've always loved working in acrylics but recently rediscovered alcohol inks as a painting medium. Alcohol inks are highly pigmented inks that are available in a variety of colours.  Traditionally used by crafters and artists to enhance their works they are now coming into their own as a marvelous painting medium. They are acid-free and fast drying and when applied to a non-porous substrate like Yupo paper, photograph paper or even glass and ceramics they produced the most amazing abstract effects and vibrantly coloured paintings. If you do a search on an social media site for "alcohol ink art" you will find gallery upon gallery of beautiful art.

11377220_1583978641872662_5965598502153123453_n They are an amazing medium which you can use to create some quite spectacular and colourful art with. Just by dropping, pouring, stamping, moving the inks around with paint brushes. cotton swabs, blowing them through a straw or just allowing them to flow into each other by lifting and turning the surface you are working on to direct the ...

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Art Supplies for alcohol ink painting

[caption id="attachment_318" align="alignleft" width="150"]Tequila Sunset Tequila Sunset[/caption]

To work with alcohol inks all you need is some alcohol ink and any surface. Really! Thats it! You can create some great art by just applying the ink to the surface for example Yupo paper and moving them around by tipping the paper or allow the inks to simply flow together to create great effects.

Even if you want to be more adventurous or take more control of the inks you really don't have to spend a lot on supplies. Here are some of the things I find useful when I'm creating art whether it's allowing the inks to do the hard work for me or trying to gain a little more control and painting a little more realistically. [caption id="attachment_938" align="alignleft" width="2592"]image Photo by Lauren Tindall[/caption]
  1. Alcohol inks (obviously 😜) I find Adirondack has a great range of colors but the different packs can vary in the amount of alcohol they contain and therefore the amount of movement you g...
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Alcohol Ink Coasters Step by Step

When I started making decorative tile art I used to just seal them with a gloss spray but when I wanted them to be a little more functional I looked into resins. It's definitely one of those projects where "you can buy these in the store for $35 or make them yourself with $100 of art supplies". Now I have the supplies like the sander and the heat gun the cost is not quite so bad but if you want to make just a few then I recommend going shopping in Macys lol. Seriously though you can create some wonderfully unique art and gifts. And it's fun❤️ After mostly trial and error these are the steps I follow for creating alcohol ink coasters.  Ensure you wear gloves and work in a well ventilated dust free area.  I use ArtResin as the epoxy resin when I seal my tiles and it is pretty much odorless but you still don't want to be breathing it in. There are plenty of other resins out there but I like ArtResin because it's guaranteed not to yellow and I have found mixing it and using it ex...
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