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Art through Saatchi Art

I’ve reviewed my gallery at Saatchi Art and removed all the paintings that sold and have uploaded all my latest resins. These have been painted using regular acrylics, fluid acrylics and inks which interact with each other to create different effects and cells. Like alcohol ink painting where I have an idea of what I’m trying to achieve but ultimately the inks surprise me, these paintings are the same as I never quite know what effects I’ll end up with. I made smaller 8 by 8 by 1.5 art blocks that will add a blast of colour to your decor but won’t dominate. I’m thinking they will look wonderful grouped.

Available through Saatchi Art

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The Human Body is the best Work of Art

Yesterday  was my my first experience of life drawing and I loved it. The model was a middle aged guy who has been modeling for 25 years and confidently posed for us for three hours. Starting with warm ups of one and two minute poses we eventually worked on a thirty minute and a fifty minute pose.


During the breaks I got a chance to walk around and see what the other artists had done and was so inspired by them all. I have another five weeks to go so hoping my techniques will improve. The thing I noticed was how much I loved drawing a real person ! After about ten minutes I just spent the entire time amazed by how beautiful the body is. So if you’re ever feeling low about your own body image just set yourself up in front of a mirror for an hour and I guarantee you’ll start noticing things like curves, and skin and beautiful muscle tone. At times you may feel less than happy with yourself and no doubt not helped by comparing yourself to some idealized definition of the body but while each person is imperfect and has flaws ultimately each of us is BEAUTIFUL!

Body confidence does not come trying to achieve the “perfect” body, it comes from embracing the one you’ve already got.

Now I just need to go practice this self love ❤️

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Clay inspired

I’ve never thrown clay or sculpted before but inspired by artist Kim Carothers I have been working on this piece for the last few weeks in her sculpture class. Just need to finish adding more sea elements and work on her face a little more and I think I’ll be finished. Have so enjoyed doing something new.

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Keeping it Simple

imageI’m a member of quite a few Facebook groups dedicated to alcohol ink artists and am so in awe of some of the art they produce. Most artists love the way the inks move and merge and react to each other to create fabulous abstract pieces, others paint to create simple pieces that are full of vibrant colours but others take it that step further to incorporate alcohol ink pens like Copic and Spectrum to create absolute masterpieces. Just google alcohol ink paintings or check out Pinterest and you’ll see what I mean.

I prefer to keep it simple although I have dabbled with pens too in creating more realistic paintings. When I actually find some time to do some larger realistic paintings I’ll post them here. The beauty is when you are working small the painting and inks are very portable so you can work anywhere. As they dry so quickly you can always be creative during a quick break. Now it’s cooler in Texas I can even work outside early in the morning or during my lunch break.

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Straws and inks

imageI love working with alcohol inks simply because they are so unpredictable and because you can get so many effects. One of the things I like to do is create abstract florals using just a straw, inks and a piece of Yupo. This is the same technique I use for creating flowers on coasters. It’s such a simple process yet you get the most amazing effects.

imageI start from the outside and work in towards the center. In this painting I decided to use a couple of different shades of green dropped ink near the edge and blew through the straw spreading the ink to the edges.

imageOnce I’ve worked around the entire edge I’ll move on and add coloured inks, sometimes layering a couple of colors

If you want you can also use canned air, the sort you buy for a couple of dollars, to clean keyboards. Just make sure you have a few practice blasts first and watch those curtains😱

imageI will continue in a circular path until I reach the center and voila you have a beautiful abstract flower. Easy peasy !!!



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Temple of Peace

imageSometimes you just create some thing that turns out far better than you expected and this to me, is one of those paintings. I love the way tthe sky looks with all those fantastic pinks and tangerines and moody purples while the temple turned out way better than I could have hoped for. Usually I’ll work with a couple of inks but this particular sky was created using layers of coloured ink interspersed with white inks until I got the effect I wanted. The temple I was going for was the kind you see in adventure movies like Indiana Jones or those old Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movies where the temple has fallen into ruin and is covered in vines. This too took quite a few layers of more subtly coloured inks, covered with white ink then washed with alcohol to create that vine covered look.

Size 5 by 7 inches matted to 8 by 10 inches

To see this painting in my store click here