My Community

The Mckinney Art House

imageThis is an amazing place in Downtown Mckinney where a bunch of awesome artists like Sona Knox, KD Hafley, Magda Dia and Lynne Hubner teach art, pottery, printing and a whole lot more. My daughters and I have had great fun there learning acrylic techniques, pottery skills and jewellery making.

More information here

 The Mckinney Art Studio

imageThey say creativity begins in Downtown Mckinney and certainly this is a great place to start. Owned by Lisa LaBarge aka Mrs Potts (my daughters’ pottery teacher) this is a lovely place to learn something new and many of the teachers also exhibit their art here. Maribeth Jagger a wonderful teacher of alcohol inks and James Spurrier fine art enthusiast and expert clay artist are just two who inspire me most days. Oh and did I mention my paintings are displayed here?

I am always so thankful that Lisa gave me the opportunity to display my art in her gallery. If you are in Mckinney be sure to swing by this place to take part in a workshop or pick up a unique piece of art!

More information here

Arts and Music Guild:  Artists, Musicians, Writers & Poets

The Arts and Music Guild is a community of artists, musicians, poets and writers who exhibit, perform, mentor, and serve. They collaborate in order to bring the creative process before the public in meaningful ways.

Mckinney Creative Community

imageThe Mckinney Creative Community is the place to hang out if you are part of the wonderful artist community. The Mckinney Creative community chaired by Tom Michero hosts monthly meetings and potluck dinners the first Tuesday of each month. I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful place and amongst such cool and creative friends.

More information here

MAST – Mckinney Art Studio Tour

imageOnce a year McKinney artists open their studio doors to the public to share, to inspire and to connect. Experience the creative process and get to know the artists. Who knows what treasures you might find? I’m excited to be part of this group who work hard to get art in the community from Art in the Market (Farmers Market in Chestnut Square) and second Saturdays on Mckinney square where you can watch artists do their thing and buy some superb art.

More information here

Orisons Fine Art Gallery

Orisons is right on the square in Downtown Mckinney and the venue for my first exhibition. Offering an eclectic array of art it’s a great place for meeting with local artists, some of whom work directly out of the studio. I am one of the artists selling my work through the gallery and regularly update my inventory. Come and browse

More information here

Tupps Brewery

imageWhat Brit wouldn’t include a brewery as part of their community? Tupps is special though. Not only do they create fantabulous beer but they host artists and artisan crafters each month. You can do a tour of the brewery, peruse the artist areas and listen to live bands. Add some handcrafted beer and food trucks and you have a great day out.

More information here

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