Fluid Experiments

Often people think that abstract art is just throwing paint at your canvas. Well I guess occasionally it literally IS just throwing paint at your canvas. Most of the time though when I’ve been trying to create intuitively, my fluid abstract paintings still require some kind of strategy. I experiment with how different paints react with each other, work with different mediums together (e.g. alcohol inks and acrylics) and the use of colours that work with and contrast against each other. Often the result is a kind of fluid art found in nature in lakes, rock formations or crystals. Sometimes a little science is involved in creating cell like structures and lacing – read up on Siqueros accidental painting technique – and I’m forever writing down formulas for my paint mixtures. Mostly though it’s fun seeing how the paintings evolve over a few hours as they dry. Here are a few of my experiments.



Art is a very subjective thing. Not everyone will like what you like or even think it’s art. I create what I love and hope that someone will love it too. It’s great to see my work incorporated within homes especially where a few key pieces stand out. Art really does not have to match your decor and I think a few key design features can really make the overall interior design work. I’m not an interior designer but love reading  interior design magazines and visiting show homes to see how they style homes and use the different styles and sizes of art. When it comes to my paintings usually clients buy finished pieces because they find something within the artwork that appeals to them but occasionally I get requests for specific colours or themes and create something specifically for them. I’m still working from a place of painting intuitively but try to think of the client’s personality too. An original piece unique to them is such an honour to create.

I’ve had a few recently where people have simply said they want a piece of art in a certain size and colours but then left the rest to me. It’s a little scary until the final reveal. One customer recently asked me to create something for her home which was ‘simple’ and used only a limited palette,and all she said was, “You’re the artist I trust you”

Luckily she liked the final piece!




Everyone in my home is complaining that I have taken over every surface and every room (apart from my daughters’ bedrooms) with paint, and canvases and resin curing. I was donated a desk this weekend which gave me the chance to tidy up my art room and actually gave me a flat surface in there to work in so have decided to give fluid paint, large canvases and all the experimenting a break for a month and return to alcohol inks because I can work in a small space and create smaller pieces that allow us to eat at the dining table 😜 . I wonder how long it will take them all to miss me lol