Art Supplies for alcohol ink painting

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To work with alcohol inks all you need is some alcohol ink and any surface. Really! Thats it! You can create some great art by just applying the ink to the surface for example Yupo paper and moving them around by tipping the paper or allow the inks to simply flow together to create great effects.

Even if you want to be more adventurous or take more control of the inks you really don't have to spend a lot on supplies. Here are some of the things I find useful when I'm creating art whether it's allowing the inks to do the hard work for me or trying to gain a little more control and painting a little more realistically. [caption id="attachment_938" align="alignleft" width="2592"]image Photo by Lauren Tindall[/caption]
  1. Alcohol inks (obviously 😜) I find Adirondack has a great range of colors but the different packs can vary in the amount of alcohol they contain and therefore the amount of movement you g...
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Jewellery making with Lynne Hubner

imageHannah and I went to our favourite place for being creative in Downtown Mckinney, the Mckinney Art House to make jewellery. We crocheted gold and silver wires and added beads to make some wonderful necklaces. Lynne Hubner our teacher has the most amazing studio at the top of the Art house which is well worth checking out. Lynne teaches drawing, print making, jewellery and lots of other classes at the Mckinney Art House. Not only is she a very talented artist but a super nice person too. Check out her website here.
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Drawing is the new meditation

imageI have only three products on my Etsy store at the moment. Two paintings and the thing that is most popular, self colouring cards. They allow the customer to colour and customise each card the way they want it and sell really well. With all the media hype about self colouring it makes me wonder if I should put them together into a book but there's much more to the idea than jumping on the $$ bandwagon. Certainly people love them considering the number of books currently in the stores and online and I always find it hugely relaxing to create the templates for each card let alone spending a little time colouring them in. I'm thinking of making individual sheets with inspirational sayings that can be coloured and framed as pieces of art but the idea of a book truly appeals to me. It is certainly a way to sit back and relax in an almost meditative way and generally I feel that it is far better to de-stress by doing something creative than staring at a TV screen. I'm reading more and ...
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Skin, fur and feathers

imageI've been looking for a way to relax and get the girls involved in something creative over the summer break and as usuall we have headed to The Mckinney Art house to learn something new and have some fun. We've been learning some new techniques in acrylics from KD Hafley who teaches at the Art House. The girls return to school and tennis schedules from the end of August so can't continue but I'm going to be taking classes each week with KD in the hope she can teach me all she kniws about painting skin, fur and feathers! KD has regular classes at the Art House. To see her schedule click here and visit her website here to check out her truly awesome art work.
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Alcohol Ink Coasters Step by Step

When I started making decorative tile art I used to just seal them with a gloss spray but when I wanted them to be a little more functional I looked into resins. It's definitely one of those projects where "you can buy these in the store for $35 or make them yourself with $100 of art supplies". Now I have the supplies like the sander and the heat gun the cost is not quite so bad but if you want to make just a few then I recommend going shopping in Macys lol. Seriously though you can create some wonderfully unique art and gifts. And it's fun❤️ After mostly trial and error these are the steps I follow for creating alcohol ink coasters.  Ensure you wear gloves and work in a well ventilated dust free area.  I use ArtResin as the epoxy resin when I seal my tiles and it is pretty much odorless but you still don't want to be breathing it in. There are plenty of other resins out there but I like ArtResin because it's guaranteed not to yellow and I have found mixing it and using it ex...
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