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My first love….Yupo!

I’ve always loved working on Yupo as a substrate and have recently returned to it as I work with inks again. Working with textures and colours to create backgrounds has been fun although I’ve been left with two paintings that I love as they are. So I’m putting them aside for a few days and I’ll revisit and add to them if necessary.


Fluid Experiments

Often people think that abstract art is just throwing paint at your canvas. Well I guess occasionally it literally IS just throwing paint at your canvas. Most of the time though when I’ve been trying to create intuitively, my fluid abstract paintings still require some kind of strategy. I experiment with how different paints react with each other, work with different mediums together (e.g. alcohol inks and acrylics) and the use of colours that work with and contrast against each other. Often the result is a kind of fluid art found in nature in lakes, rock formations or crystals. Sometimes a little science is involved in creating cell like structures and lacing – read up on Siqueros accidental painting technique – and I’m forever writing down formulas for my paint mixtures. Mostly though it’s fun seeing how the paintings evolve over a few hours as they dry. Here are a few of my experiments.



I am currently working on a personal challenge to paint a paint each day this entire year. 185 days in I’m finding it hard to find subjects to paint. I posted on my Facebook page and Twitter asking for inspiration. Most were fairly standard requests;sunflowers, birds, bees, barns! Others were for self portraits and even my feet (clearly they have a foot fetish or really have not seen my feet!!). One of my friends, the poet Michael Scott suggested I paint Melania. I told him if he wrote about her I would paint her. I’ve still to create a portrait of her but want to share his amazing poetry.

Melania (Michael Scott)

You won’t get a pill-box hat
a motorcade or a grassy knoll
and your Media Naranja
is a whole orange
squeezed into half a man.

First lady to the worst man,
you’ve got the last gig a girl wants.

You look so sad but lucky,
so defeated but winning,
so uncomfortable
in his cellulite skin.

In Slovenia there is a car dealership
missing a swim-suited model
sprawling across the hood
of a rusty Yugo.

Would you rather be there?

Or there,
two steps behind
a ticking Twitter timebomb?

Grit your veneers Melania
the life of the Tsarina
has always had a sense
of impending doom.

You are waiting
in the House of Special Purpose
with a forced smile on your face
fearing the next 140 characters.

You won’t get a pill-box hat
or a grassy knoll
but you won’t be wiping brains
from your pink suit either.

No matter where the silver bullet hits,
it will pass through a void,
an empty space like the look behind your eyes.

And you are wondering
how you got here Melania,
in the middle of the unbelievable truth,
alongside a living, breathing Russian conspiracy.

You try to wave,
hoping that someone waves back.