Tips & Techniques for Alcohol Ink Art

Want to find out more about working with Alcohol Ink. Click on any of the links below to take you to the right place. If there is anything you would like to see covered then please just message me.

What are alcohol inks? The lowdown on this crazy medium

Art supplies for alcohol ink painting

Sealing alcohol ink art and tiles

Step by step resin sealed alcohol ink coasters 

Straws and inks; creating abstract flowers

Copic pen color CHART

Substrates: great surfaces for Alcohol ink art Alcohol inks work best on non porous, smooth surfaces but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to Yupo or tiles. Plenty of artists work on other substrates such as canvas, aluminum, glass, etc. click on the title to discover more.

Spectrum Noir alcohol markers colors

My favourite products for alcohol ink art

  1. Yupo – my favourite substrate
  2. ArtResin – my favourite resin to coat inks and prevent fading and spoiling.
  3. Pinata and Adirondack – Pinata for the colour intensity and Adirondack for the way it spreads and interacts with other inks and alcohol