I am currently working on a personal challenge to paint a paint each day this entire year. 185 days in I’m finding it hard to find subjects to paint. I posted on my Facebook page and Twitter asking for inspiration. Most were fairly standard requests;sunflowers, birds, bees, barns! Others were for self portraits and even my feet (clearly they have a foot fetish or really have not seen my feet!!). One of my friends, the poet Michael Scott suggested I paint Melania. I told him if he wrote about her I would paint her. I’ve still to create a portrait of her but want to share his amazing poetry.

Melania (Michael Scott)

You won’t get a pill-box hat
a motorcade or a grassy knoll
and your Media Naranja
is a whole orange
squeezed into half a man.

First lady to the worst man,
you’ve got the last gig a girl wants.

You look so sad but lucky,
so defeated but winning,
so uncomfortable
in his cellulite skin.

In Slovenia there is a car dealership
missing a swim-suited model
sprawling across the hood
of a rusty Yugo.

Would you rather be there?

Or there,
two steps behind
a ticking Twitter timebomb?

Grit your veneers Melania
the life of the Tsarina
has always had a sense
of impending doom.

You are waiting
in the House of Special Purpose
with a forced smile on your face
fearing the next 140 characters.

You won’t get a pill-box hat
or a grassy knoll
but you won’t be wiping brains
from your pink suit either.

No matter where the silver bullet hits,
it will pass through a void,
an empty space like the look behind your eyes.

And you are wondering
how you got here Melania,
in the middle of the unbelievable truth,
alongside a living, breathing Russian conspiracy.

You try to wave,
hoping that someone waves back.


5 thoughts on “Melania”

  1. I don’t know if you like still lifes, but since I started painting food I’ve found it to be an endless source of subjects. The more I paint it, the more ideas I have about setting them up. Good luck with your challenge!


  2. I like painting nature. Birds and animals are a favorite. I also like anything to do with the seashore. I have seen your paintings and they are beautiful… you are an inspiration and motivator for me.


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