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The British Emporium

I guess whenever you’re an ex-pat living anywhere no matter how good the foods are in your new country you still have a longing for things back home. Being a Brit I miss a good strong cup of tea, real chocolate, prawn cocktail and salt & vinegar crisps and proper bacon and sausages. Which is why I usually travel at least once a month to The British Emporium, a small shop located in the Texas town of Grapevine. While the square footage may be meagre by supermarket standards the same can’t be said of the huge amount of British foods and goods they carry. The shelves are piled high and very generously with all the products a Brit might miss.

So it was with great relief that I managed to make it there this weekend with just ten minutes to go before they closed. I stocked up with a huge jar of Marmite, lots of crisps and even salmon paste – you have to be a Brit to understand that one. If ever you are in the area you should really check it out, even if you’re not a Brit, you might find something new like Mr. KIpling’s Bakewell Tart, Golden Syrup, a chocolate flake or always good for a laugh Spotted Dick with yummy custard.

I’ve lived in the DFW area for almost nine years now but still miss all those things and am even prone to craving British junk food. Hmmm where is that Pot Noodle?

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For more more info check out the British Emporium website click here:

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