Raking the Moon (after Monet)


I wanted to paint lilies by moonlight which reminded me that I’m a Moonraker. No not the James Bond variety but the Wiltshire sort. If you are born in Wiltshire, UK then you are known as a Moonraker. Legend has it that bootleggers hid their booty in a pond and while they were trying to get it out they were caught by the excisemen. When asked what they were doing they said that the moon had fallen in the pond and they were trying to rake it out. The excisemen decided to leave the moonrakers to their half wit attempts and when they were out of sight the Wiltshire men hauled in their bootleg rum from out of the pool. So to be a Moonraker is to be thought dumb. I think the story proves otherwise!!!

Raking The Moon

24 by 24 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

I love how the light of the evening changes the colours of the lily pond. Purples, blues and pinks with the moon reflected in the waters

SOLD and heading to the UK. Feeling extremely grateful

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