Feeling blessed and grateful (a review)

Ugh so my day was pretty much ok but ended with me not having enough money to pay for groceries. Card declined yikes! luckily my daughter loaned me some birthday money and we were all ok. Oh the joys of being a single parent and truly the stereotypical starving artist😢

imageAnyway I went onto Facebook only to see my colouring pages on Etsy had got the most fantastic review from the fantabulous FB group “Colouring isn’t just for kids” which truly made my day. So nice to hear something that validates what you’re doing!

Maggie Golinski on Etsy
Maggie has a coloring package with Inspirational Sayings on them.She is working on a second set and on a coloring book that will be out in December.Maggie originally created “Color In Yourself”greeting cards in 2014 and they were very popular so she decided to create the book.The pages in these packages are very thick.I used Permanent Markers to color mine and didn’t have any bleed through.These packages have beautiful images to color and amazing quotes on them.Maggie is a British artist based in Dallas,TX since 2007.Primarily an acrylics and alcohol ink artist.She enjoys creating art based on what she sees in Nature around her.She also teaches alcohol ink techniques in private lessons and workshops.Maggie works in a counseling center,supports local animal rescue charities and lives with her twin teenage daughters,five rescue cats and two rescue dogs who all add to the wonderful craziness of her household,lol..I rate these coloring pages as a 9☺
You can get to Maggie’s Facebook page here: https://www.Facebook.com/ProsperArtHouse
*You can purchase this coloring pack on Etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MaggieGolinski

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