colour me stress free

imageI’ve been working on more pages for my colouring book and it’s coming along nicely but very slowly. Not only am I kept busy by my other jobs (hopefully “Artist” will be by my #1 job one day 😍) and providing a taxi service to my soon to be sixteen years old twins but I am constantly distracted by all the other drawing pages I see on the Internet. I’ve joined a few Adult colouring groups on Facebooks as well as following people on Etsy and am constantly amazed about how wonderful some artists work is and also the enthusiasm of the colourists themselves. And who wouldn’t find it fun? Yesterday I had just created a page and then my daughter sat down with me and we coloured it in together. Not only was it relaxing but it gave us an opportunity to chat to each other while we were colouring. It’s so nice to have the chance to connect in a calm and stress free environment in our usually over scheduled lives. Rather than just sitting staring at a TV screen or texting our lives away we actually talked about what’s going on for us. Those who advocate for the return of family mealtimes should also include a bit of daily colouring time for every family!

Talking of the Internet, one of the Facebook pages I have connected with is Coloring isn’t just for kids (link here) a community for those who create colouring pages and those who colour them in. Not only is it a great place for everyone to connect and share their artwork but Tracey the group admin reviews books, drawings etc and provides her honest opinion on a bunch of artists and products. A great idea and a fab Facebook page. Go check it out ❤️ Oh and did I mention Tracey liked one of my paintings and used it as her page’s Cover photo. Fame at last albeit brief 🎉

If you want to check out my pack of sample pages on Etsy click here. There are five pages and free colouring pencils to get you going immediately.

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