Art Techniques

From little acorns…

“From small beginnings come great things” Proverb

Miniature Florals 5*5 cm magnets
Miniature Florals 5*5 cm magnets

The second Saturday of each month Mckinney artists get to hang out in Downtown Mckinney on the square demonstrating their art and hopefully selling a few pieces. It’s a great chance to see some fantastic artists at work and an opportunity for those visiting the square to watch art being created. I have some small alcohol ink paintings and prints, some packs of adult colouring sheets as well as some tiny tile magnets and necklaces which I’m hoping to sell. It may feel a little bike a craft store at my table but it’s these small sales that allow me to  buy more canvases , paint and brushes to allow me to focus on some larger art works. Every sales means a lot to me and you never know one day I may actually stop being an impoverished artist who can concentrate on just painting. With that in mind tonight I’ve been working on some mini magnets.

They are created from a large mosaic type tile which I’ve cut down into the individual pieces then created simple abstract flowers on them with alcohol inks and a straw in much the same way I created my poppy tile. I had some magnetic Maggie Golinski Art calendars which are now not much use so I cut those up to 4.5cm pieces and glued them on a couple of tiles but found that while they easily stick to the fridge they cannot hold even one piece of paper. Ughhhh! So I’ve ordered some stronger magnets (unfortunately round) so until they arrive I’m allowing the ink to dry for a day or so then I’ll give them a couple of coats of Kamar clear spray before finishing them with a layer or two of Gloss Engine Enamel. Hopefully that will make them a little more durable and protect the alcohol inks.

Miniature Landscapes & Florals 5*5 magnets
Miniature Landscapes & Florals 5*5 magnets

I’m also going to work on some cats eye necklaces to satisfy the crazy cat lady in me. Waiting on some glass cabochons to arrive before I can start on those but they’ll be added to my collection of cat paw print necklaces which I created previously. Part of those sales will go towards local animal rescue charities with whom I work and support.

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