Art Techniques

Poppies and inks bring me joy

Poppies are one of my favourite flowers not only to see in the countryside and gardens during spring and summer but to paint. The simplest of flowers it symbolises peace and sleep and since the battles in the fields of Flanders a symbol of rememberance also. image

I’ve painted poppies in watercolors and acrylics and love the simplicity of their structure. Although there are other colours it is the vibrancy of the red ones that I’m drawn to. This poppy was created using alcohol inks on a 6 by 6 inch ceramic tile. No brushes involved I dropped the alcohol onto the tile and blew through a straw to create the petals then worked inwards with layers of the red and white inks before creating the center of the flower using black ink.

Colours; Watermelon, snowcap and black. Only three colours but wow what an impact!

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