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Bluejay - acrylics
Bluejay – acrylics

I often get too caught up in the details of a subject and if you look at my painting “Bluejay” you’ll see I spent a lot of time painting the individual feathers with the tiniest of brushes. While I really admire those great artists who are amazing at creating photo realistic art and completely in awe of the skill this takes I prefer a much more relaxed and abstract approach. That is if I can stop myself from doing it. Probably I need someone to stand in my studio and shout loudly “Put down the brush and walk away from the painting!”

So what is intuitive painting? Chris Zydel of Wild Heart Painting says that it is “a powerful intuitive, spiritual and creative practice” and that appeals to me. To be able to listen to one’s intuition, to paint from your heart and soul and not from your brain. It’s not concerned about aesthetics and creating art for someone else. It’s about painting what feels good to you and reconnecting with your creativity. Painting with serendipity!

So I’ve been watching a lot of videos on Youtube of artists who have a far more relaxed approach and trying to paint more intuitively. Often the colours and images the artists begin with bear no relation to the finished art as they continually turn and adjust the painting to see what the canvas is telling them rather than the other way. There are a couple of artists who I greatly admire; Tracy Verdugo and Susan Farrell both Aussies and if you know me and my love of vibrant colours you’ll know exactly why they appeal to me. The exciting thing is I get work with both of them soon and I cannot wait. I’ll be doing a workshop with Susan Farrell in September and believe me that is too far away so you can imagine how crazy I feel about having to wait to see Tracy Verdugo in Dallas in May 2016.

Work In Progress
Work In Progress

In the meantime I’m trying to relax into my painting a little more and my studio has become my sanctuary. I even light a candle each time I paint. I’ll post some of my creations as I go!

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