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Alcohol Inks – My new obsession

I’ve always painted in acrylics and dabbled in mixed media but I attended a class to learn about Alcohol Inks primarily to meet up with other artists in the area and discovered a medium that I have become quite addicted to. Traditionally Alcohol Inks (AI) have been used by crafters for enhancing projects but now more and more artists are using them to create wonderful works of art full of movement and vibrant colours. You can create fabulous abstract pieces by just moving the inks around on yupo paper, ceramic tiles, photo paper or basically any substrate that allows the inks to move freely and blend to create some quite amazing effects.

Alchemy Blog This painting was started by simply allowing the inks to move around the paper and the colours ran into each other. “Alchemy” then had ink dropped onto the base colours with metalics added in to to create this abstract work.

I use mostly store bought alcohol inks although I have been known to make my own. I’ve found the home made ones not to be as vibrant but great for backgrounds even if you can get incredibly messy making them. My favourite shop brands are Jacquard Pinata and Tim Holtz Adirondack inks. I find the colours are equally amazing though there is more movement with Adirondacks and I find it easier to paint with the Pinata ones. Both suppliers sell blending solutions but I mostly use regular 91% rubbing alcohol and get good results with just that.

Art Supplies – Alcohol Inks

Alcohol InksThese Dye based, multi-surface inks are acid free, permanent, quick drying, and transparent. Creates a vibrant, polished effect on non-porous surfaces such as glossy paper, dominoes, metal, foil, shrink plastic, glass, and others. Formulated to create a vibrant, polished stone look. Package contains three 1/2 fluid ounce plastic bottles. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. Warning: Contents flammable. A precision tip is included for each bottle.

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