Drawing is the new meditation

imageI have only three products on my Etsy store at the moment. Two paintings and the thing that is most popular, self colouring cards. They allow the customer to colour and customise each card the way they want it and sell really well. With all the media hype about self colouring it makes me wonder if I should put them together into a book but there’s much more to the idea than jumping on the $$ bandwagon.

Certainly people love them considering the number of books currently in the stores and online and I always find it hugely relaxing to create the templates for each card let alone spending a little time colouring them in. I’m thinking of making individual sheets with inspirational sayings that can be coloured and framed as pieces of art but the idea of a book truly appeals to me. It is certainly a way to sit back and relax in an almost meditative way and generally I feel that it is far better to de-stress by doing something creative than staring at a TV screen. I’m reading more and more articles about the therapeutic benefits of adult colouring so 2015 may be the year I put those ideas into action. Now all I need is to find the time. Maybe that’s a New Year’s resolution I can stick to. Watch this space!!

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